Race League Details

BREAKAWAY Indoor Race League
Join Us for a Season of Fun Cycling Competition

Start Date – 2016-2017 season will begin in November. Check back soon for exact dates.

When: Every Other Friday Night starting in November
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: Breakaway Triathlon and Cycling 1000 Osgood St, North Andover, MA
FORMAT: 10 Stages of Exciting Time Trial Racing

Stage 1 (Team Time Trial on Lightly Rolling course)
Drafting within teams only

Stage 2 (Team Race on Flats)
Open Drafting

Stage 3 (Individual Time Trial on Rolling Course)
No drafting

Stage 4 (Team Time Trial- Entering the mountains Hills, 2 major climbs and descents)
Drafting within teams only

Stage 5 (Team Race – Short Climbs)
Open Drafting

Stage 6 (Time Time Trial – Fast and flat and slight descent finishing with a climb)
Drafting within teams only

Stage 7 (Team Time Trial – Last team time trial in the mountains)
Drafting within teams only

Stage 8 (Individual Time Trials – Descent back to the city)
No Drafting

Stage 9 (Team Time Trial – Flat team effort with one climb in the middle)
Drafting within teams only

Stage 10 (The final race to the city, gently rolling hills)
Open drafting

– Participants may register as individuals or as a team.
– Pricing- $70.00/race per team or $600.00/team for all 10 stages
– Up to 8 members/team (minimum of 4 members)
– Based on the number of teams and their level of experience, we may divide into 2 leagues, a  novice and an advanced league, details TBD
– Team Time Trials with Drafting will be based on 3rd rider finish time
– Individual Time trials will be based on the average of all team members*)
*Min. of 3 riders