Performance Training Swim Clinic, January 19 6:30-8:00pm

Location: Breakaway Triathlon & Cycling, 1000 Osgood St. North Andover, MA

Presented by Craig Lewin

Craig is a USA Swimming Coach and Level 2 USA Cycling Coach. A graduate of Boston College and the Varsity D1 Swim Team, Craig is a Nationally Ranked triathlete. His swimming expertise has helped him become a successful competitor in the sport of triathlon and now he wants to share his experience, knowledge and swimming techniques with you.


Open Water Swim Workouts

Pre-race warm-ups – Learn and practice a proper race warm-up

Specific open water skills – Sighting, navigation, turning at buoys, swimming in close proximity to others, drafting, land and water starts, swimming straight with no pool lines

Stroke Technique – Drills and stroke work specifically for open water swimming

Pacing – Learn to pace yourself without a pool clock and pool walls

Conditioning – Sprinting, race pace workouts, and intervals

Exiting – How and when to most efficiently transition from swimming to running out of the water