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Breakaway Triathlon and Cycling


12052447_10206855437617619_8128681679497043025_oCoached Computrainer: Indoor training on your own bike

Computraining workouts are approximately one hour long. They are designed to increase your cycling technique and fitness to improve speed, power and confidence on the roads. Our goal for all our athletes in our Computraining program is to make you a better all around cyclist no matter what level of cyclist or triathlete you currently are. You’ll be using the same training system as professional cyclists, steadily working to improve your fitness and performance over time.

8 Week Group Sessions

The 8-week session begins with an initial Functional Power Threshold (FTP) assessment during the first class to determine your cycling fitness. Your personalized FTP data allows all class participants to follow the same workout but at a customized intensity based upon your own fitness level and performance goals.

Periodized Computraining Workouts

What is Periodization: (from Joe Friel’s Computraining Manual on Periodization)

Today’s performance athletes train using a system called “periodization”. This means dividing the training year into periods, each with a specific physiological purpose. By doing this, the competitive athlete builds fitness in stages, much as a house is built. When a period is completed, the fitness benefits gained are maintained in the following period while new aspects of conditioning are introduced.

Description of each Stage (period):

The Base period will improve general fitness. You are “training to train” by emphasizing endurance, strength training, form work, and flexibility. This period lasts eight to twelve weeks depending on your experience level.

During the Base period, the focus is on quantity with limited intensity, but there is a gradual shifting toward quality in preparation for the Build period. The increased intensity comes mostly from economy refinement. “Economy” is just another way of describing “form” – the ability to turn the cranks without wasting energy.

The Build period is four to twelve weeks long and develops more race-specific fitness. Intensity increases steadily and carefully with emphasis on power enhancement and intervals of increasing intensities and duration. Endurance training is maintained at the
levels attained during Base. It is the most demanding of the three periods due to the high endurance level and the increased intensity. The initial Build period is usually on the training calendar when the weather is worst in the northern latitudes, making the CompuTrainer invaluable.

The development of power is critical for the competitive cyclist. Power improvement comes from improving the ability to turn progressively harder gears at a high cadence for increasingly longer periods. The first Build training block emphasizes this fitness skill.

Interval training during the Build period begins with long repetitions at an intensity just below anaerobic and progresses to higher intensity as the legs adapt to the power training. The volume of intensity attained in individual workouts is the key to success in this period.

The Peak period is a two- to six-week period and emphasizes intensity and commences once intensity has reached a high volume in the Build period. Now total weekly training volume is reduced as intensity peaks. The emphasis is on speed and speed-endurance (the ability to maintain race speed). Workouts are event specific to prepare for major competitions of the season

During Peak, training is either in a “speed-spectrum” of 90-110% of race speed, or very easy for recovery and preparation for the next high quality workout.

The Breakaway Periodized Program:

Each session will focus on a different “phase” as follows:
Weekly Periodized  Schedule


Private Coaching on the Computrainer

One-on-one cycling assessment and coaching. Utilize spin scan analysis for cycling technique feedback, maximum power position, cycling strength and weaknesses analysis and cycling training direction to maximize your output and efficiency on the bike. You will also be able to track you performance gains by riding against your prior training rides.

Open Training Rides

Breakaway offers open rides every day of the week plus the ability to schedule additional rides to meet the needs of private groups.

Riders of all levels, including beginners, fitness enthusiasts, triathletes, and avid cyclists are always welcome.

Unlimited courses and ride distances allow participants the flexibility to utilize computrainer advantages on their own schedule and training agenda

Group sessions by appointment only 

Looking for additional personal training time? Ride with a group of training partners or friends for a serious workout or a casual ride. Groups can be up to 16 people and sessions are 1-3 hours long. Choose from unlimited courses and ride distances during open ride times to allow participants flexibility to utilize computrainer advantages on their own schedule and training agenda. Teams are welcome and encouraged.